Trivia Crack Hack


Trivia Crack Hack — 3. May 2015

Trivia Crack Hack

Trivia Crack Hack v1.03

Hello, let me introduce myself shortly. My name is Jannis, I am 27 years old and a — on University in Cologne, Germany — graduated C++ and Java programmer. In my freetime I love video games. Equals playing or programming. In order of this passion I created this hack for unlimeted Spins, Coins & Lifes. You can read more about me here!

What is Trivia Crack?

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Features of the Trivia Crack Hack

This is may not a hack with the most feautures on the market, but by far the most reliable! I make sure and take care, that I always provide  a new version of this hack when a new version of Trivia Crack comes out! But I always try to get more features added to this Trivia Crack Hack, to create the best user experience for you guys! (and girls) 😀

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This hack has various features for your needs to own the game!

  • Automatic Devicedetection
  • Add unlimited Spins
  • Add unlimited Coins
  • Add unlimited Lifes
  • 100% anti-ban-technology
  • No Jailbreak needed!

How can a Hack for Trivia Crack work?!

I can’t explain you the whole system behind this hack for Trivia Crack, because I want to make sure this hack works still tomorrow, next week and even next month. But I can tell you, that I found out gaps in the security system of the Trivia Crack database, which can’t be closed with little effort. The developers of Trivia Crack must change their whole system to stop my hack working.

Because of this fact nobody will never ever know, that you cheated on Trivia Crack. It’s like a 100% anti-ban-technolog!

Is your Hack infected?

Absolutly not! As everybody I abhor hackers and/or virusses, adware, etc. My Trivia Crack Hack is 100% free of virusses! You can check the VirusTotal link down below or upload the application again to VirusTotal if you don’t trust me, but you can definitely trust me!

Is your product free?

Yes, my Trivia Crack Hack is absolutly free! I love sharing my creations and products for free, because I don’t like the Publisher-Mafia! You asking yourself “Mafia?” — Yes, creating free apps with ingame transactions to get successful are mafia methods in my eyes! So I am giving aways this tool for free!


So, why are you waiting longer to get unlimeted Spins, Coins and Lifes with my FREE hack for Trivia Crack. Download here and free yourself from the Publisher-Mafia and limitations!

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I wish you alle the best and a lot of fun with my Trivia Crack Hack!