I’m much appreciating your visit! On this page I want to introduce myself and tell a bit about me. I’m Jannis, I am 27 year old graduated C++ and Java programmer which is an video game enthusiast. I was born in the south of germany were I firstly came in touch with the video games world. As soon as I started playing computer games I had this dream in my head of making games which I love much more enjoyable trough little tools which I have coded.

At first I programmed some little cheat tools in computer games but after the smartphone market started to explode I have decided code some android and ios hacks which is an must for someone who just want to fun instead of profit. I love to share my tools with other and every positive feedback I’ll receive is better than money. I just hate how big mobile game developers milk their gamers. Because of this and because of how I like to help other people I’ve decided to spread my games to the public.

I hope some of you liked my thoughts. It would be much fun for me to talk to some people which are enjoying my page and my hack. Just go to the contact page and type in your email so I can mail you directly!